April 25, 2013


So, I don't know what to do with this thing.

If I have anything interesting to share, I'll put it on Facebook for people I know.
Anything short and fast that I feel like screaming into the void, I have Twitter.
Who has the time for long form communication any more? I've already spent five minutes on this post, and I can't think of a single thing profound enough to put to paper.

Here's a long exposure we took near Heathcote, VIC. That's probably it for 2013.

May 02, 2011


So we're all grown up married now and just got back from our honeymoon.
Ok, New York was our honeymoon, so this was just a week away after our wedding.

We spent 7 nights in Moorea, which was fantastic. 5 nights on dry land, with our own private pool:

and two nights out over the water:

There are a few more pics here:
Moorea 2011

April 07, 2011


If I don't update this thing, I won't be able to look back in twenty years and go "uurgh, what a dick. What was I thinking when I wrote this?".
How could I deny myself that pleasure?

Anyway, it's less than ten days till Deb and I get married, so I thought I should probably write something down.

We've got all the big stuff out of the way (food, drink, flowers, suit, dress etc), so the only thing left to do is tie it all together. I'm sure there are loads of little details we've missed, but it's already been a much more expensive undertaking than we expected, so I'm sure we can live without... whatever it is we've forgotten.

The biggest thing for me to do was sort out the playlist. This is the part that we didn't think through before sending out the invites:
Because we're having the wedding in Dunedin, there are a number of aunties and uncles who haven't yet made the switch over to FM. I'm pleased that they've suggested songs that they'd dance to, but I'm not looking forward to the type of dancing that some of these daggy old songs will break out.
Oh well, lessons learned for next time I suppose.

I'm actually looking forward to the whole thing. Deb's dress has been hanging up in the hallway for a few weeks (inside an opaque bag), and it's really hard to not peek inside. I'm sure she'll look fantastic, but I don't want to get all weepy, so maybe if I peek now I'll be ok on the day...  Fine. I won't peek.

August 31, 2010

new york

So, we went to New York for a fortnight.
Deb kept things up to date over here: http://deb-reid-holidays.blogspot.com/, including a Twitter feed in the side bar.
I'm far too lazy to actually write anything, so just assume that I had a great time and look at some photos:
New York 2010

Or on a map:

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June 13, 2010


One of Deb's colleagues owns a vinevard in Guildford, so on Friday night, a bunch of us went up for the night.
We had a big barbeque, plenty of wine (supplied by the host) and a nice bonfire (which is currently this site's background image).
The stars were incredible and enough to make us consider adding camping to our holiday rotation. I spent half of the night staring straight into the sky (and saw a couple of shooting stars for my trouble). I don't remember the last time I saw a night sky as clear and unpolluted as that. I'm annoyed I didn't try and take a photo, but I was enjoying it too much to bother.

In other news, it froze that night.
It made me realise how long it had been since I heard my feet crunch on frosty grass.

Here's some pics:

May 23, 2010

goodbye web albums

So, Picasa has a nice feature where you can create an album and then sync it online.
It means any album changes you make are automatically uploaded/altered online.

You can add new photos, add captions, tweak the colour.

So, what do you think happens if Picasa's database decides to get itself corrupted? The albums still displayed, but the contents had disappeared.
As the albums were set to automatically sync, what do you think happened?

Yup. 90% of the photos I've uploaded over the years have disappeared.
That wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't added the damn things, one by one into blog posts:

If I really want to get things back the way they were, it's going to cost me half a day at least.
Part of me is considering paying for hosting and creating my own site, independently of Google.

The other part is a lazy bastard.

I wonder who will win...

March 18, 2010