January 24, 2007

happy new year!

It must be time for another bulk catch up.

Since you last tuned in:
  • I went home for Christmas and actually enjoyed my time there. I think I could almost move back to live if there were jobs that paid well enough for the scattered skillset that I have.
  • I bought a new compact camera after giving my old one to my folks. They had it for a week before it got a major error and I had to pull it to bits to remove the permanent battery. Hopefully it's all fixed now :) The new one does fancy tricks like letting you pick one colour to remain while the rest goes black and white. Cool.
  • While I was at home, I built a new PC for the parents. When Dad bought home a printer/scanner/copier/refrigerator/bottle opener I started scanning in and cleaning up some of their old photos It was really nice to see pictures that had been faded to orange for as long as I can remember become vibrant and full of colour again.
  • Deb and I went to the botanical gardens for a Moonlight Cinema showing of Clerks II. The inflatable screen was a little unstable due to the wind, and we warned at the start that if it blew away the screening would be cancelled. It turned out to be a bit of a chilly evening, but we had a couple of beers, a bottle of wine, loads of food and also rented some beanbags, so it worked out fine (the screen folded in half a few times, but didn't blow away)
  • Bushfires knocked out an electrical supply line between NSW and VIC, causing blackouts across the city, which was already struggling due to a 40° day. Trains were delayed (in some cases stuck on the line for 1 1/2 hours), thousands of traffic lights went down and thousands of people were trapped in their office and apartment blocks because security doors weren't working properly (now that's some piss poor planning). I rode to work that day, so wasn't affected in the slightest except I may have lost a kilo or two of sweat on the ride home.
  • Bought some t-shirts from Mr Vintage. There's loads of cool stuff, but I got these three:

  • It makes me want to have a crack at designing my own (or even better: taking elements from things others have designed and making them my own)
  • The cabinet is still at 85% and I don't really know how to finish it. Ideally I'd rebuild the control panel now that I've used it for a while and put in a 4 way joystick (Pacman, Dig-Dug etc) and a spinner (Tempest, Arkanoid). Would probably move the trackball back a little as well, I've almost broken my fingers on the monitor a few times being a little too enthusiastic playing Golden Tee.
  • Troakie (my old boss/booze buddy from Channel 4) has moved to Bermuda. I'm led to believe it's a paradise for records managers, where filing and rum go hand in hand.
  • Went and saw Tenacious D play at Festival Hall last Friday. The concert was great, but it must have been close to 35° with 95% humidity inside and the acoustics were terrible. We had seats and still came out totally drenched with sweat. I felt sorry for those crammed down on the floor in the general admission area.
  • Deb and I are off to Apollo Bay on Friday for a couple of nights. This is the first time we've left the city together with just the two of us, so I'm really looking forward to it.
  • Deb is off back to NZ in a week or so for her cousin's wedding. A week after she gets back, it's my turn to go home for my mate Geoff's wedding. Shame the weddings weren't closer together, but I'm sure we'll both be happy for a break from each other :P
So, that's about it for now. If anything exciting happens, I'll post it up here.

Actually, I'll probably mention the boring stuff as well.