August 15, 2007

a stool for men

August 12, 2007

square eggs

The photo didn't come out too clear (damn camera phone) but I thought this was funny:

"Unique square design".

August 04, 2007

laundry day

Haha, this is cool.
We let the washing build up cos it's a hassle to dry towels and sheets without a clothesline. That means that we take a trip to the laundromat now and then which totally beats having towels hanging over every chair, table and cupboard handle in the flat. Also, now that I finally have a new mobile, I can surf the net or update this thing. I guess I could always read a book, but this is a lot more fun :)

It kind of reminds me of MC Hammer's Blog, which he regularly updates from his mobile. The last time I checked in he was using a sidekick, but after queueing up with the rest of plebs, he's now using an iPhone. Good to see he can slum it like everyone else.

mobile test post

Just seeing how this thing works.