April 07, 2011


If I don't update this thing, I won't be able to look back in twenty years and go "uurgh, what a dick. What was I thinking when I wrote this?".
How could I deny myself that pleasure?

Anyway, it's less than ten days till Deb and I get married, so I thought I should probably write something down.

We've got all the big stuff out of the way (food, drink, flowers, suit, dress etc), so the only thing left to do is tie it all together. I'm sure there are loads of little details we've missed, but it's already been a much more expensive undertaking than we expected, so I'm sure we can live without... whatever it is we've forgotten.

The biggest thing for me to do was sort out the playlist. This is the part that we didn't think through before sending out the invites:
Because we're having the wedding in Dunedin, there are a number of aunties and uncles who haven't yet made the switch over to FM. I'm pleased that they've suggested songs that they'd dance to, but I'm not looking forward to the type of dancing that some of these daggy old songs will break out.
Oh well, lessons learned for next time I suppose.

I'm actually looking forward to the whole thing. Deb's dress has been hanging up in the hallway for a few weeks (inside an opaque bag), and it's really hard to not peek inside. I'm sure she'll look fantastic, but I don't want to get all weepy, so maybe if I peek now I'll be ok on the day...  Fine. I won't peek.