December 13, 2006

brown tinted spectacles

The bushfires raging through Victoria and South Australia are having their effect here in the city. There is so much smoke in the air that the sky looks brown and you can look directly at the sun*.
Deb tok the phto below on the way to work:

She didn't take this one:

I'm at home at the moment and can smell the damn smoke when I open the front door, it's really eerie.
Deb and I are flying back to NZ on Saturday morning and there have been a number of delays because of poor visibility and smoke alarms going off at the airport. Fingers crossed we get away ok.

* don't look directly at the sun

December 11, 2006

stupid fruits of the world #27: pomegranate

I bought a pomegranate at the supermarket the other week. I'd heard of them, but never actually seen one before, so thought I'd give it a shot.
What a shitty, messy waste of time that was! Ignoring the bright red juice that I had to wipe from the walls and scour from my hands, I couldn't eat much because it was sour and made my teeth furry.
What kind of person wants to pick hundreds of corn kernal-sized fleshy seeds out of a leathery husk while waiting for the juice to somehow migrate from the kitchen to the lounge carpet?

December 07, 2006

fart brings down a passenger jet

Well, not directly, but the woman who droppped one was lighting matches to hide the smell.

BBC News

stop motion fight

This is bloody fantastic

December 06, 2006

john so is my bro

John So took out the World Mayor title for 2006. He is, hands down, the most popular person in Melbourne and the title is well deserved.

I saw a quote recently saying that he was a rockstar in a mayor's body, which I can vouch for after seeing him on stage at Parklife a few months ago.


December 05, 2006

catch up

It's time for one of my irregular catch-up posts, whereby I try to cram in two weeks of detail into two paragraphs. The last update was just after Deb's birthday, so since then:
  • Went for a Sunday bike ride up the Moonee Ponds Creek bike track. Discovered after an hour and a half that I'd forgotten to put on sun screen and my legs and arms were turning a tasty deep pink colour. Got home just in time with no real damage done
  • Picked up the framed pictures, which look pretty good. During the hanging, discovered exactly how far you can drill into concrete with a cordless drill and a standard bit: not far at all. I'll take some pics soon when the sun's out.
  • Went for another Sunday bike ride, this time south down the Gardiner Creek track. Put on sunscreen, but I guess not enough. The backs of my shoulders have proper old skool sunburn, like an Englishman abroad. It looks like I'll score some blisters out of it too. I hope it scars. Chicks dig scars.
  • Got up to 34° today. The hottest temperature of the day is always at the mid point of my ride home.
Hmm, boring fortnight. That may be why there's been no updates.
I'm off back to Kiwiland TM in a week and a half. I'm looking forward to that, not just to see the folks, but to have a decent break from work...

damn, I'm going to have to figure out how to sign these things off. I always end up rambling on for much longer than is necessary and #comment deleted#

December 01, 2006