July 22, 2008

July 10, 2008

ken lee...


July 08, 2008


We're having a company awards night soon. You know, one of those evenings where they try and make you forget that you're unappreciated the other 364 days of the year.

Anyhoo, it's an 80s theme night, so four of us decided to go to as Ghostbusters.

I ordered four flight suits from a US Army Surplus store a few weeks ago, not really thinking about the time it would/could take them to get here. With the awards night on this Friday, they have to arrive in the next two days, otherwise instead of these:

we'll have to wear spray painted versions of these:

which don't really look that authentic, even without the hood.

The fun/fiddly part was making the proton packs out of meat trays, old cups and bits of bucket.

The gun is a spray painted "Pleasure Supergun" with the sight and handle cut off. The barrel has flashing lights in it, and I cut out the speaker that makes machine gun noises. It actually looks pretty cool when it's running. I still haven't figured out how to attach it to the hose, but if all else fails, I still have a couple of glue sticks left :D

The hard part now is waiting for the next two days for those damn suits. I really think I'll be gutted if they don't get here in time,

July 02, 2008

laziest character development ever

Heard from the female lead role during the pilot for J.J. Abrams new show "Fringe":

"Petty bastard. He's pissed because his best friend sexually assaulted three marine privates, and I'm the bad guy cos I put him away"

and later:

"If my past job performance as U.S Marine Special Investigator offends you..."

Nothing like having to fit an entire back story into a couple of lines of dialogue.