July 27, 2009


And finally, the last instalment.

At Park G├╝ell

Can you spot the kiwis?

Sagrada Familia

Barcelona's arc de Triomf

Mmmmm, pig legs.

And that's it! This was the last photo we took before getting back to Melbourne tired, happy and jetlagged.

July 20, 2009


Wow, I really went slack once we got back to Melbourne. I've finished Geotagging all of the photos, so I thought I'd better get my favourites up before I forgot what everything was :)

Here's where we ended up staying. It was a nice wee place (and yet another place that promised a washing machine but never delivered)

The main square in Arles

Theatre Antiques, Arles (and two tans that virtually washed off in our first shower in Melbourne)

Inside the Amphitheatre, Arles

Neat; 150 year old graffiti

Some back street in St Remy

The Papal Palace (Palais des Papes) in Avignon

and again

and again (with clouds)

yet again. Ok, I liked the sky.


The sunset on the way back from Avignon to Arles

Nice. Literally.

A secluded beach with bugger all parking (we had to walk a couple of km downhill to get here)

French beaches are neat