August 31, 2009

viewing stats finally live in picasaweb

I was happy to use Picasaweb instead of more popular sites (ie Flickr) because it integrated beautifully with the desktop version of Picasa and Google Earth. The one thing that I was disappointed with was the lack of viewing figures.
That has finally been remedied, albeit in a very simple form. There's now a view count at the bottom right of the photo. I don't know how much metadata Google is saving behind these figures, but it might be nice to see it broken down by month/geographical location one day.

The stats started being captured on 30-Jun-09, so they haven't been running long. Maybe after they get some real data to play with, Google will be able to give us more granular details about who is looking at our happy snaps.

I have no practical use for these figures, but it doesn't stop me wanting to know!

August 16, 2009

make it worth my while

Kmart has been running ads recently stating:

"If you find a cheaper price, we'll match it"

Ok. So I've been shopping around for and have found a place that sells x for $100.
If I decide to not buy it from this store, and instead go all the way back to Kmart, they will lower their price to match it. Not make it cheaper. Match it.

Now why the hell would I bother doing that? Make it worth my while! Give me another 5-10% off. Give me a $10 gift voucher. Offer to polish my bloody shoes. Something!

Step up or fuck off. Cheap bastards.