March 21, 2006

the games

It seems odd that we booked our Commonwealth Games tickets almost a year ago, and now it's here! Well, it's half past here at the moment and I'm only just posting about the opening ceremony now. Perhaps I'll bullet point things, it'll be easier to write.
  • The seats were great! We sat facing the ramp that all the atheletes came down
  • There was a flying tram with wings... and other flying stuff...
  • Something about a child's imagination, and a duck
  • There were koalas there as well
  • The Queen gave a speech
  • atheletes
  • fireworks
  • ...
Anyway, I remember being impressed by it, but my memories fade pretty quicky. That's why I keep digital memories like these:

We also went to the womens gymnastics on Saturday, which would have been cool, but no one seemed able to stay on their feet! I caught a few of the offenders in action:

Next stop will be some athletics finals on Saturday back at the MCG. It's supposed to be a hot day, so fingers crossed for a nice evening.


Anonymous said...

Alright brain, you dont like me, and i dont like you, but if we work together, we can do this..
eat the pudding eat the pudding eat the pudding eat the pudding eat the pudding

Reckless said...

haha, that's gotta be a Motch of some description