May 20, 2006

halls gap

Deb's parents and her grandmother were over here for a holiday a few weeks ago. They went for a trip down the Great Ocean Road and then to Hall's Gap in the Grampians. I missed the first part of the trip, but met them in Hall's Gap after 4 or 5 days:

  • 5.45am wake up at alarm to catch 8.15 train from Spencer st
  • 7.30am wake up again without alarm
  • 7.35am leave the house after brushing teeth, using loo and dressing simultaneously
  • 7.42am catch a cab from Camberwell Station
  • 7.58am arrive at Spencer St
  • 8.01am buy ticket
  • 8.25am find that the train to Ararat is delayed
  • 9.10am leave Melbourne after standing on the platform for an hour
  • 11.00am train terminates at Ballarat instead of going through to Ararat due to an accident the day before
  • 11.10am manage to find the replacement coach that is going to Stawell
  • 11.45am coach driver announces that VLine is paying for a cab to get me to Hall's Gap because the late train made me miss my bus
  • 11.58am arrive in Stawell on the coach from Ballarat
  • 12.45pm cab drops me off at the nearest pub to Hall's Gap
  • 1.03pm my seafood basket arrives
  • 2.20pm time to get to the accommodation as Deb is running late and won't be there for a few more hours
  • 3.30pm find that the pub nearest to Hall's Gap was actually 4.5km from where we're staying, and I looked stupid walking around carrying a small suitcase
  • 4.00pm Deb and co arrive. Long bloody day I tell you

Anyway, there were bushfires in the region earlier in the year, so everywhere you look are burnt trees and stumps. It's starting to regenerate though, so it looks pretty cool.
The attached photos are:
"Lake" Lonsdale
Burnt trees new growth
The Grampians from above
Some kind of flower. Apparently you can live on it, but it tastes like shit
Bottles in the Seppelt drives
A ladder under the old entry point for the drives
Some of the local wildlife
Deb at dinner on her folk's anniversary

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Anonymous said...

Great photos. The plant looks like a warratah or the like. I have never tried eating them. You must have missed a photograph of the wild life - I'm sure you didn't mean Debs!