February 03, 2007

cabinet part xxiii

It's been a while since the last cabinet post, so I thought I'd post a short update:


and that's about all that's happened since last October.
I've just bought a pot so I can move the volume control off the amp on the floor to a spot beside the speakers. I'll then be able to put the amp inside so it's not making the place look untidy. At the same time, I bought a switch box so I can move the output from the speakers to the TV without having to unplug cables and stuff. I might pull the box to bits and incorporate it into the cabinet itself; another step towards tidiness.

I also priced the cost of printing a marquee at Ted's. Because the width I need is wider than the roll of paper they use, I'll have to print it longways, which means It'll cost around $100 with 60% white space left over. I'm going to have to fill it up with other pictures to get my money's worth, but it's a good step towards completing this damn thing. I really wish I'd left the control panel until everything else was done, because now that everything works there's not as much motivation to make it look pretty.

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Nerd Bloke said...

Haha - I had the same problem with getting the MAME box waorking. It's been fully functional for over a year now. It makes it SO hard to actually get anything done because I am always testing it.