July 25, 2005

apple earstones

I bought myself an iPod a few months ago.
It wasn't the cheapest thing I've ever bought... in fact I could've flown from here to Dunedin and back (and then back to Dunedin again) for what it cost me. That said, I'm really happy with it, but I just want to ask Steve Jobs one question:
"What the hell is with those crappy fucking earphones you get with them?!"
If you're reading this and think that I'm over-reacting, I can safely assume that you've never had the pleasure of trying to jam the damn things in your ears! I challenge you to buy a pair (or borrow some. I have a pair you can have) stick them in your ears and tell me that they
a) are comfortable
b) don't leak noise in or out, and
c) sound better than elevator music when heard from three floors away.

Seriously, if you can answer in the affirmative to any of these, you
a) have the weirdest shaped ear holes
b) don't sit near anyone when you listen to your music, and
c) listen to Country & Western, where the further away you get, the better it sounds

As far as I'm concerned, it's like a Mercedes coming with go kart wheels as standard.
What's the point in marketing this great (expensive) music player, if the first thing people hear out of it is the equivalent of trying to force a cow's fart out of a mouse's butt?

Verdict: parp

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