July 07, 2005


Holy shit. I've just been absorbing all the news I can find about the bombings in London. There's nothing worse than being so far away from people you care about and having to check up on them. Everyone from the old circles is ok so far, but bloody hell.

When has terrorism EVER solved anything? The twin towers issue didn't make anyone sit up and listen! Instead it pretty much polarized the US and destroyed a couple of countries in the process!



So there's at least two deaths and a load of serious injuries. 7 blasts that we know fo so far, and apparently al-Quaida have taken responsibility. For what? When are we going to find out what the fucking excuse is this time? It's funny that the majority of the world can get together and talk about stuff over lunch, whereas these people just blow shit up. It is never going to help your cause. Deal with it

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Anonymous said...

When Blair decided to go against United Nations and with Geo Bush, the result was inevitible. Where USA goes, Britain goes - trouble follows trouble.