November 16, 2006

deb's birthday

So, it's Thursday the 16th of November. I have roughly 34 hours to organise a birthday present for Deb and I still have no fucking idea what to get her.

I thought I had a great idea a few months back, so I rested on my laurels. When I finally looked into it, I discovered that it was about 4 times the price I expected, so that idea was shelved.

It's hard because Deb doesn't even know what she would buy for herself, letalone what I could get.
I do have a sort-of-idea, but there's no way I could get it to her in time for Saturday. I'll have to get a stunt double to stand in for the real gift until it's ready.

Procrastination got me through high school, and since then I've never learned to organise my time properly. Next year maybe...

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Anonymous said...

So,what did you end up getting her?