April 11, 2007

red hot

We went and saw the Chili Peppers play at the Sidney Myer Music bowl last night. After hearing today that Anthony Kiedis was feeling crook, it does explain why he didn't look as energetic as usual, but that didn't stop the music from being fantastic. John Frusciante just keeps getting better.

Here's the set-list if anyone's interested:
01. Intro Jam
02. Cant' Stop
03. Dani California
04. Otherside
05. Charlie
06. Fortune Faded
07. 21st Century
08. Throw away your Television
09. Jam
10. She's Only 18
11. John Solo
12. Snow (hey oh)
13. Me and my Friends
14. This Velvet Glove
15. Sunny (flea's little bass song)
16. Don't forget me
17. Warlocks
18. Stadium Arcadium
19. By the Way

20. Jam with Flea on trumpet
21. I could have lied
22. Give it Away
23. Final Jam

Also, Chad Smith (the drummer) was due to perform in Federation Square at 6.30 this evening. What I didn't know until they came on stage was that Flea and John were joining him! It was a 30 minute jam session which was bloody brilliant. Especially because we were much closer than the night before.

verdict: friggin sweet

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