October 17, 2007

national ride to work day

Scored a free breakfast this morning as part of the "National Ride To Work Day". It was good to see so many people riding in to work today, but it also made me wonder where the hell they are every other day of the week!
We usually pass only a handful of cyclists on the way to work in the morning and seeing hundreds more today showed that loads of people are capable of doing it, yet would rather sit on a train or drive to work.

It lead me to assume that most people only rode in today to be part of something instead of trying to stave off an early death due to FATNESS.

Sorry, I'm not a fan of people who do things like catch the lift to avoid a single flight of stairs or fat people who drink 2 litres of diet coke to make them feel better about the choloate they had for breakfast.

Hmm, that didn't end as planned. Here's a picture:

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