June 05, 2008

os x tip: alias for network folder

Here's a quick Mac tip that I figured out by myself today. This is a big deal, because I'm not a mac fan (we just have a mac mini for a media server)

After Deb upgraded to OSX Leopard, OS 10.5, or whatever the hell they're calling it these days, we lost the ability to create an alias to a network folder (in Windows, the closest equivalent is a shortcut). I scoured the interwebs and couldn't find any way around it.

The solution is really simple:
  1. Create an alias for any old file
  2. Open the alias file info
  3. Click on "Select new original"
  4. Navigate to your network folder and click ok
And that's it! Too easy.

God knows why the powers that be decided to drop that bit of functionality, but if I've learned anything from the Mac community it's this: Steve Jobs is god and don't you fucking dare question ANY decision that Apple makes. If you don't like something it's because YOU are wrong and what you are trying to DO is wrong.


Amanda Russell said...

Thanks for that, it really helped me out.

Anonymous said...

helped me out too - much appreciated!

Ace said...

Just spent 15 minutes looking for the 'Make Alias' button on a remote volume - Thanks very much for the tip.

Anonymous said...

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