April 25, 2006

aac day

The Allowable Annual Cut is the volume of timber that may be harvested from a particular part of forest in any one year. It's a shame that the acronym was already taken, otherwise the organisers of the dawn service in Melbourne would have used it for their own purpose. They managed to remove New Zealand from everything but the word ANZAC, concentrating entirely on Australian soldiers.
I totally understand that I am a Kiwi living in Australia, so naturally there are bound to be some differences to how I see the world compared with Joe Ocker. I'm comfortable being mocked because of where I'm from, it's part of the territory, but to have my country's sacrifice completely ignored is really disappointing. Every other day of the year, fine, but on a day that is supposed to honour the bravery and loss of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp, to not even hear the words New Zealand spoken aloud is almost offensive.

Lest we forget huh?

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Anonymous said...

I listened more closely after your email. Our Gov General mentioned Australians. I saw a programme last night - over 8000 Aussies, 86000 Turks, 10000 French, 1600 Indians , 2860 Kiwis (and some others too I think). Those figures may not be completely accurate, but I guess the Aussies think because there were not so many Kiwis killed, their loss was greater. Maybe we shouldn't be so sensitive - still a lot more than was necessary. There was a figure for the English too and some from other smaller nations. I had always thought it was largely Aussies and Kiwis - so I should learn a bit more about it too.