April 11, 2006

cabinet part ii

I couldn't help myself. I had to rig up a basic cardboard control panel to make sure everything worked properly. It did.

Verdict: peow peow


Anonymous said...

Yo mofo, sounds like an awesome project!

Where did you find the warehouse space?? I need something similar due to the 'living-in-a-hirise-shoebox' factor! You can't build killer death droids without space maaaan! :)

Reckless said...

Yeah, space is going a bit of an issue. The plan is to wait until the weather is a bit better so I can work outside...either that or put a dust extractor in the bathroom.

The hardest part is having all of the parts ready and waiting, and not rigging up something to tide me over. I almost bought the wood for the control panel, but I knew I'd never finish if I made that first

Anonymous said...

hehe maybe i can do it on the balcony.

Most of my ideas dont actually need a lot of space except the one involving the highly toxic resin that would cause rox to leave me immediately if it got on the carpet.

Man, if only I could handle the suburbs!!