October 20, 2006


So, this is the 100th post since I started this blog journal thing. It hasn't been the critically acclaimed success that I expected, but my parents don't know anyone else that would be interested in reading it.

Fair enough.

edit: Mum just kindly pointed out that my blog has neither an attractive title or a correctly spelt web address which may explain the lack of traffic. I guess irony is wasted on some people, but it makes the above picture even more relevant.
Good night, and good luck.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting reading your site, but unless it had a title that interested people, and someone that can't spell (3 s's!)you will probably only get people who know about it to read it.

Goobs left a message last week, but maybe I didn't send it properly.

Reckless said...

Case and point: Hi mum.

I really only write this for myself, it keeps me entertained and means I can purge my memory without losing anything.
If I was serious about wanting people to read this, I'd be shamelessly posting links all over the place.
An ad in the Herald Sun isn't too expensive these days...