June 16, 2005

ever had a bad hair day?

I got my haircut tonight. I've rarely had a haircut that I've been totally happy with. Occasionally I get home from the hairdresser's thinking "Hmm. If I fill it with wax and mess it up, maybe it'll last me for 6 or 7 weeks".
Today was not one of those haircuts. I think it's on a par with the perm horror stories that you hear girls talk about (although I guess that shows my age a little). Maybe because I turned up with my hair overgrown and scruffy, the salon thought as long as I left with it shorter than when I arrived, I wasn't going to notice.
The hairdresser, I discovered, had recently immigrated from Sri Lanka. So recently that her belongings hadn't arrived yet! Now, I don't know what the high street fashion is like in Colombo, but I'm sure that they don't walk around with CHUNKS missing out of their hair. I look like a f**king lego man, with a straight fringe and round head, with... with... goddamned pieces missing out of the sides!!
I'm going to take the morning off work to get this sorted out, so hopefully by this time tomorrow, I'll either have a decent haircut, or a shaved head.


Anonymous said...

I see that you have used a photograph of a 'ginger'. Did you mean this photograph to imply that the person in the photograph had also had a bad haircut, or did the colour appeal to you?

Reckless said...

I did a search for "bad hair", and that's one of the photos that came back. Far be it from me to challenge someone else's ideas on what constitutes bad hair!