June 28, 2005

quantum theory or: how i learned to stop thinking and love the unknown

I just got back from seeing the movie What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? and can totally recommend it to anyone in the mood for a break from the American summer "Blockbuster". It's a movie/documentary that deals with quantum theory and spirituality, and presents a whole bunch of ideas about uncertainty and reality that is really refreshing. They had a whole host of people, from theoretical physicists, to neuropsychologists to mystics, all with their own concepts of consciousness and reality that totally made me look at the world through different eyes.
Those who know me even slightly will know that's no mean feat. I'm a card carrying atheist, and god help those who try and convince me otherwise, but when added to the reading I've done recently about quantum mechanics and free will, it does get the old brain matter into overtime.
Hehe, I read about quantum mechanics. What a dork.

Verdict: Too revolutionary for Christians, but good for anyone with an open mind... or stoners.

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