March 03, 2010

month of vegan - day 3

Ok, so the soy coffees are pissing me off. We can make crisps taste like any flavour under the sun, but can't make soy milk taste like milk? I thought soy could be bent to the will of food scientists to taste like anything! Why does this stuff taste like hazelnuts??


Just peanut butter on toast for brekkie with a pot of black tea. I think I actually prefer tea without milk. It makes me feel like an English cowboy for some reason.

We seem to have run out of fruit and veges much faster than I expected. We're out of the basic salad materials already, so it's just a sandwich for lunch. Tomato, avocado and hommous is actually a pretty tasty sammie.
People at work are moving from curiosity to pity to laughter. I've dropped a kilo already, so who's laughing now?!  
Man, I'm hungry.
Fruit is tasty and all, but it doesn't give you that full feeling. I'm starting to wonder if that's what we're supposed to feel like, without a big ball of flesh slowly dissolving in your stomach. Deb has felt hungry for almost three days now. She seems to have plenty of energy, but is complaining constantly. I'm learning to block it out.

Chickpea curry for dinner, with flat bread wraps. The chickpeas were soaked overnight, assuming that would be enough to soften them up. We learned after we started eating, that they probably should have been soaking for a week (or should have come out of a can). I don't think they're supposed to crunch like that.
This is all a learning experience, so we know next time to start with boiling water when we soak them.

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