March 01, 2010

month of vegan - day 1

We started the day with a couple of bagels and a pot of tea (no milk though; soy milk and tea go together like ice cream and fish).
Not bad, but nothing out of the ordinary so far, except the dairy free spread we're using. It's called Nuttelex and tastes like margarine did back in the 80s before they got the recipe right. The texture is fine, but it smells a little rancid.

I had my first soy flat white for the week, which was an experience. It's like a normal coffee, except it tastes like shit.  Ok, it's not that bad, but I'm not a fan of the weird hazelnut taste or the fact that my mouth dries out when I'm half way through the thing.

Lunch was our usual tuna salad, except without the tuna. I think we replaced the tuna with more than it's weight in other ingredients (corn kernels, crunchy noodles etc), so I felt full at the end. Not a common occurrence for the humble salad!

For dinner, we thought we'd go with the stereotypical vegan staple: lentils. They're actually really easy to cook, and make a great base for anything you want to throw at them.
We did a spicy lentil soup, which I think turned out really well (note to self: fewer onions next time. Far fewer onions).

verdict: The first day was a breeze. Will try and take photos of the meals if I remember.

(this was far tastier than it looks)

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