March 02, 2010

month of vegan - day 2

Bagels again for breakfast. Breakfast is easy; as long as you replace the marge with something made from vege oil, everything else can stay the same (toast with jam/peanut butter, fruit etc).

Salad again for lunch, which still isn't a big departure from the norm. Might have to buy some dressing though, as the one I threw together with mustard, balsamic and red wine vinegar was a bit weird. I think the red wine vinegar was near the end of it's useful life (it's supposed to look red right? Not the anaemic looking crap that's in the bottle).

My second soy coffee was slightly easier to drink than the first.Still not my favourite by a long shot.

For dinner, we had a big vege stir fry, and threw in some tofu instead of chicken. I might have to look into how to cook that stuff (or at least find out the right type) as it pretty much disintegrated as soon as it went in the wok. It said firm on the packet, but maybe you're supposed to shallow fry it first or something.
Live and learn.
Like every other tasty asian mean, the stir fry sauce we had in the cupboard had fish sauce in it. Ended up replacing that with some thai chilli sauce and half a cup of peanut butter. Not bad, but next time we might want to mix the two together first; I ended up with a piece of broccoli that tasted like the world's largest peanut.

Also, I'm starting to notice an internal change. One related to the ol' digestive system.
It's not worth noting yet, it's only been two days, but it's something I hadn't considered.

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