March 07, 2010

month of vegan - day 7

Bagels for brekkie (cinnamon and raisin this time) and the usual tea. 
Unrelated to the vegan thing, I picked up Moon on blu-ray to watch with dinner this evening. Gotta say, I was impressed. It was a simple story, but really well executed.

We went to Bread and Butter Cafe in Camberwell for lunch. They have quite a few things we're able to eat, as long as we ask then not to put parmesan on top. Deb had a pumpkin risotto that looked like baby food, but was actually really tasty. I had the first gnocchi meal that I can remember having, and it was great!
I wonder if I'm starting to pick up more subtlety in the flavours of things I eat. Not because meat was covering up things, but because at the moment, I'm much more aware of what I'm eating. Whatever the reason, it's a positive experience (it's also helped me cut down on the salt a bit too).

My boss gave me a bunch of leeks from her dad's garden, so tonight we made leek and potato soup. Yet another triumph (though it's pretty damn hard to mess up soup). Having a stick blender just makes this stuff so damn easy. You cook everything till it's soft, then blend it while it's still cooking in the pot.

Ok, I know it's not new technology, but it's still pretty cool!

Deb's starting to talk about how we can incorporate vegan... err.. vegan-ness into our lifestyle. I must not be a total convert, as the thought totally freaked me out. I'm happy to cut right back -perhaps vegan on weekdays- but I'm not quite ready to commit to something that big just yet. Fish sauce? I miss fish sauce! How the hell can anyone miss that rotten smelling shit? Blue cheese? Actually, dairy is probably the hardest thing to give up. Imagine a world without icecream, milk chocolate, full cream coffee or cheese! Yeah, doesn't sound so flash does it?

So, thus ends the first week. People said the first week would be easy, so I might update again in a week's time to see if I've started hallucinating or anything.

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