March 05, 2010

month of vegan - day 5

Tea and toast. If this is being vegan, I'm not going to have any problem getting through the month.

This is the 5th day at work. Not another salad or sandwich, but time for a stir fry from the local Thai place. I had green curry veges with flat rice noodles. I barely noticed the chicken was missing, and was pretty stuffed by the end of it. Workmates are starting to get used to the idea, and the weight loss I've experienced (3kg or so in the last week) has made a couple consider doing it themselves, at least for a few weeks.

I met up with Deb after work, so after catching the train home we called into a new Asian place in Camberwell to try it out. The name "Steam Soup" made me think it would serve the flavoursome Asian style soups, like Tom Yum, or Vietnamese Phở. When I got mine home and opened it up, I realised how appropriate the name really was. It had about as much flavour as steam.
This was a bowl of barely cooked mushrooms and veges in a broth that could have passed as water if you put it in a glass. Worst.soup.ever. I tried to pep it up with soy sauce, but even that didn't help much.
Maybe I should have read their website first and realised that if they put the same effort into the translation as they did the soup...

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