September 30, 2006

cabinet part xv

I've almost got the damn thing ready to paint. When I was sanding everything down this morning, I realised that I'd mounted the fluorescent support too far forward. Once the marquee went on, the light would only have about 20mm clearance, which I reckon would be too close, fading the artwork really quickly. I'd already bogged up the screw holes from that, so I had to dig them out and move the whole thing back another 60mm.
Another minor setback, but hopefully I'll be able to finish sanding tomorrow, get the primer coat on and get the first coat of matt black done. The forecast is for 26° tomorrow, and the shed is shaded, so it should be perfect weather for the paint to dry.

I'm still trying to decide what front end to use for the MAME interface. Once choice is a 3D arcade where you can walk around an arcade with the original cabinets and artwork. It's more of a novelty thing really, but would be good for when people come over as it looks pretty cool.
Mamewah is probably the most common one, but it does look a little plain and I'm having trouble setting up "favourites" lists. Maybe I should just read the manual.
Deb is in town at the moment, so this is probably a good time to try a few things out.
Off I go...

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