September 25, 2006

parklife: after the djs went home

We had fantastic weather on Saturday. The sun was out and there was barely any wind. The rain that had been forecast during the week never arrived and by 12.30pm I was drunk. You couldn't ask for a better start for a dance (music) festival.
Hmm, I was going to leave a review of the evening here, but my memory of it all is strangely fuzzy. The bits I remember:
  • I had a great time and drunk loads of beer (+ a bit of miscellaneous)
  • I only had to pee twice (or was it three times?)
  • We saw Ash & Rox after a 12 month hiatus (woo!)
  • Stanton Warriors were flat (I think there was only one of them)
  • Trav bought a cheese-cutter
  • John So (the lord mayor of Melbourne) came on stage to say hi (the crowd went ape-shit!)
  • Krafty Kuts played a get-the-fuck-out-of-my-club set that really dragged and at the end played a DnB remix of Golddigger that the sound system distorted almost out of recognition
  • I wore out part of my shoe dancing on the temporary plastic flooring
Here are some pics.

Trav and Me. Possibly munted at this point.

Deb and me (or is it Deb and I?)

Some random Jamaican dude (hehe, it's Ash)
Geez I've got a big head!

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